Dr. Laila Ochana

Dr. Laila Ochana

Dr. Laila Ochana


Dr. Laila Ochana is a caring and trustworthy general dentist in the Alexandria, Virginia area. She began working at Telegraph Dentists over a year ago and has grown to love the area she works in. Her patients remark her as a very friendly and loving doctor too!

Dr. Ochana is extremely passionate about Cosmetic Dentistry. She has realized that the happiest patients of hers, are those with straight and white teeth. By providing crowns, veneers, and teeth whitening, Dr. Ochana restores smiles to their original bright look they once had.

In her free time Dr. Ochana enjoys listening to music and dancing. She is also very active outside and enjoys spending time at the gym.

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Alexandria, VA 22310

(703) 313-6999

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