Consultant Director

Paula Cortez is the Consultant Director here at Telegraph Dentists. She is originally from Bolivia in South America but now works for us here in our wonderful Alexandria Virginia dental office!

She bring to our office 10+ years of dental experience as well! Starting out as a receptionist, Paula has learned how to operate all aspects of the front-office of other dental offices, and now works as our Consultant Director. Not only does she support the office and the operations behind the scenes that most patients aren't aware of, but she is also known to have a bright welcoming smile on her face and greets each patient when they arrive as well.

Paula has three beautiful children and loves nothing more than to spend time with them. The oldest girl Thaliana is six years old, her middle child, Christian, is a four year old boy, and the youngest little girl, Aithana, is 2 years old. Her main priority when she arrives at work is to maximize the patients needs and truly make each patient as content and happy as possible. In her free time, Paula enjoys working out and taking her children to visit local waterparks.

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